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A Fixed Income for Life!

The Society of the Divine Word started the first Catholic gift annuity program in 1904, and for the past 100 years we have never missed a payment! We provide you with reliable rates and a choice of annuities. All annuitants are remembered in the daily Masses and prayers of Divine Word Missionaries.

The Society of the Divine Word is one of the largest religious missionary congregations with 6,000 priests and Brothers working in 70 countries around the world. Your support makes it possible for the education and training of Divine Word Missionaries who serve the neglected and the poor.

Celebrating 100 + Years

Father Joseph Seybold gave the Society of the Divine Word our first annuity 100 years ago. That initial gift helped establish a program, which has grown over a century. Over all these years we have never defaulted a payment, even during the Great Depression. Our annuity program is attractive because the rates are high and our investment policy is conservative.


"Because commercial institutions give such poor returns, I was truly delighted to learn about the Charitable Gift Annuity. On my limited income, the generous and regular income from the Annuity is a God-send".

R. P. , Rochester, N.Y.

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